If the brake or handbrake is frozen.

Brake Pads

Many motorists remember a situation when after severe frost in winter the wheels on the car were not moving. Such things were not always noticed, especially on front-driven cars.

The driver could drive several hundred meters with the rear wheels locked. And all the fault was the frozen brake pads.

Reasons For The Problem

Most often, there is only one reason – a long stay of the car in the cold. Freezing the rear pads of the car can occur both on the street and in the garage. Often an indirect cause is a high humidity. A condensate film forms between the brake disc and the shoe, which creates a dense ice crust.

If there is no rye on the disc and all the indirect signs indicate that the car’s brakes are simply frozen, then they can be repaired. However, there is no need to rush. In a hurry, you can do a number of wrong things that will make things worse.