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When there are many car sites, the information you need is hard to find. There are many articles, but most are written by non-professionals who have little understanding of not only the device and repair but just the machines themselves. It was decided to expand the site and make a complete encyclopedia on repair, construction, and tuning of cars.

All materials on the site should be in an understandable form to understand what every novice motorist or “kettle” could talk about. Many of the materials are written based on personal experience.


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He began to be fond of cars from childhood. Even in his early years, he got acquainted with cars and fell in love with them. He signed up for famous car magazines and read them all the time. At that time there was no Internet, and then the best articles were collected in a special folder. It contained the most useful articles on automotive subjects, especially notes on the design and repair of cars.

Then the idea to create a website dedicated to the device, repair, and tuning of cars with your own hands came up. When I searched for information on this topic, I sometimes did not find it on the Internet. And what was presented – not quite good quality, the articles were like a Soviet handbook from the ’80s. Up-to-date and understandable information for beginners’ car enthusiasts was almost absent. Initially, the site was created as a hobby to help the same enthusiastic motorists, like myself.