How To Wash A Car On Your Own?



In this article, we will tell you how to wash a car yourself using special car washes or to even wash it without water.



The main problem when washing a car is choosing a place. To wash the car thoroughly, you need water, car shampoo and rags. Car shampoo and rags can be found, but where to get water for washing a car in the city?

You can get a fine for washing a car in the river or lake. Washing from a bucket is also dangerous, you can damage the paintwork because particles of sand will remain on the sponge. Therefore, for a high-quality washing, a high-pressure apparatus, such as Karcher, is required, which will wash off the main dirt.


With high prices, not every person will be able to constantly use a car wash. There is a way out and it has long been implemented in many countries. And it is to wash the car yourself.

There is a whole network of independent car washes. You just have to pay a few dollars and you will be provided with all the equipment for washing. Many people use this service, since it is cheaper than a regular car wash, and no one will wash your car better than you.


After applying foam to the car, don’t wait for too long, start washing immediately. The composition for contactless washing is made of surfactants and concentrated alkaline solution. The recipe for it is the same as for a professional paint remover. If you keep such a “shampoo” on the car for longer than two to three minutes, then the risk is huge.



Dry-washing without water has become popular, it is when a car can be washed near large shopping centers, for example, when you go shopping. Or you can call a brigade of washers at any specified location. This is convenient, but for many, it can be expensive.

In this case, there are chemicals for washing a car without water, if you want to wash the car yourself. They can be bought at an auto store or ordered online. They represent spraying agents that effectively remove dirt from the machine without the aid of water. You only need these cleaning products and napkins (rags) to wipe the car body.


You can apply it in the yard and in any convenient place. Dry-washing with these products (shampoo-polish) is not expensive at all. Just buy all the needed tools once and wash the car without water. Such washing also polishes the car really well.


But will it scratch the car? No. The product is sprayed onto the body, then it absorbs all the dirt and after that, it is removed with light movements without the aid of force, with simple movements. It has been tested, no scratches at all.

Wax is added to the composition of auto chemicals for dry washing. That is, you take it, wipe the car with it and that’s it. No need to wash it before or after. Can it be used when the car is slightly covered with dust? Manufacturers claim that there will be no scratches. But what are the guarantees? Even if there are scratches, the wax that is part of the washing spray will then polish them.


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